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The dmx4MPlayer project

The dmx4MPlayer project is a professional solution for presenting movies and images with fading and preview. It was started in 2006 for the independent media festival in Tübingen, Germany.

dmx4MPlayer project (short x4m) is a solution for high-quality movie presentations, like movie festivals. The goal was to realize a GUI for mplayer which is totally invisible for the audience, but provides powerful control. It can use a seperated monitor for the control panel, either a dual-head PC or two PCs connected via X11-forwarding.

Fading of running movies is realized by changing gamma-values of the XV channel, images and the whole desktop can be faded by changing the X11 colormap. All this can be managed by digital mixer consoles that support the DMX protocol. For using the DMX feature the dmx4linux kernel module is required.

Some of its features are:screenshot2.jpg
  • full control per dmx interface
  • control panels can easily be constructed through keyboard shortcuts
  • a list-view of multiple DVDs can be realized by copying the DVD directories onto the harddisk
  • plays any MPlayer supported format and reads DVD infos using libdvdread
  • playlist with startpositions marks
  • preview and presentation at once
  • dual monitor support (via X11 TCP/IP or dual head)
  • position controling per seek and varible forwarding
  • intuitive handling
  • written in C++ with GTK frontend
  • GNU General Public License

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